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When Do I Need to See an Ophthalmologist?

When Do I Need to See an Ophthalmologist?



The eyes are considered one of the five sensory organs that humans and other animals boast of. Hence it is imperative to say that having and maintaining a healthy vision is extremely important.

When you have an eye disorder, you must consult an ophthalmologist near you. Ophthalmologists are professional eye doctors specializing in eye care, including eye treatment and surgery. They also perform routine eye exams to diagnose any eye disorders/diseases from which you suffer and suggest proper medications, glasses, and fit contact lenses.
Read on to learn more about ophthalmologists and when you should visit one.

When to See an Ophthalmologist?

Some initial eye problems can be treated at home. However, when the condition is severe, you must consult an ophthalmologist. Here are some eye conditions that need immediate attention:

  • Every child should have an eye check-up by 3 years of age

This would help in the early detection of eye problems, if any, in a child. This is important because children don’t complain, and parents are not trained to identify eye problems.

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  • Inflammation or pain in the eyes

If you suddenly have severe eye pain, you must not waste time and visit an ophthalmologist for immediate eye treatment. Any kind of inflammation or pain in the eyes can be caused by closed-angle glaucoma or corneal abrasion.

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  • Loss of vision

If you lose your vision suddenly, it could indicate a serious health condition like stroke. You should also never ignore other eye problems like double vision, blind spots, blurred vision, or tunnel vision. These entire eye disorders can be a sign of retinal detachment too or high eye pressure. 

  • Eyes have itchiness and a burning sensation

Sometimes you might suffer from eye allergies that cause severe itching and burning sensation in the eyes. While mild eye allergies can be treated with eye drops and antihistamines, when the reaction becomes severe, it is best to opt for an eye treatment by an ophthalmologist. There can be eye disorders like conjunctivitis, which need treatment with antimicrobial eye drops.

  • Flashing vision

If you see flashes of light within your visionary field, it is important to seek eye treatment soon. These flashing visions could be an indication of Retina detachment or tearing. If you suffer from migraine, it can also cause visionary flashes.

  • Eye floaters

If you notice wispy specks in your vision, they are known as floaters. These floaters usually appear in elderly people. While these eye floaters are harmless, they can also be because of retinal traction.

  • Light sensitive eyes

If you get bothered by the light on your eyes, see an eye doctor near you. It can possibly be a sign of a cataract. If you have blurred vision or double vision, night blindness, or see a halo vision around the lights, all these can happen because of eye inflammation which is also known as uveitis.

If you suffer from any of the above-mentioned eye conditions, it is extremely important to see an eye doctor near you. The eyes are your gateway to the sense of perception, and any big damage to them can cause you loss of vision.

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