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How to Get Rid of Eye Pain? Possible Causes and Remedies

How to Get Rid of Eye Pain? Possible Causes and Remedies

Eye Pain


Most of us experience eye pain sometimes. One of the causes of eye pain can be physical eye injuries such as the black eye (eye swelling) and corneal abrasion. However, continuous eye pain may indicate a major problem, and multiple other complications can lead to eye pain.

Causes of Eye Pain

Some common causes of eye pain include:

  1. Dry eyes

    It a very common cause of eye pain, occurs due to lack of sufficient or quality lubrication in the eyes. This is caused by decreased tear production or an imbalance in the tear film or increased tear evaporation.

  2. Glaucoma

    Glaucoma is a serious eye disorder which includes eye pain as a symptom. It occurs due to increase in intraocular pressure because of the build-up of fluid in the anterior chamber. Untreated glaucoma increases eye pressure, can damage the optic nerve and lead to loss of vision. Presence of family history of glaucoma increases the risk of developing glaucoma.

  3. Corneal abrasions

    Accidental eye injuries causing corneal abrasion also cause eye pain. Such abrasions are frequently caused by foreign objects like eye makeup applicators, contact lenses, fingernails, sharp objects, and particles from the wind etc. The pain should be treated by a physician if it persists.

  4. Uveitis

    It occurs when there is inflammation in the pigmented lining of the eye. This is often associated with redness and photophobia. It can be caused by an autoimmune disorder, trauma, or an infection. It can cause major eye damage if left untreated.

  5. Stye

    It is an infection in the eyelash follicles. It creates a painful nodule or a bump on the eyelid close to lash margin.

  6. Conjunctivitis

    Infection in the conjunctiva, a tissue that lines the front of the eye and the underside of the eyelid. There may be associated redness, discharge and swelling of eyelids.

  7. Corneal ulcer

    It is an infection in the cornea which is the anterior transparent part of eye. It is caused mainly by trauma with some foreign body like vegetative matter. This is a vision-threatening condition that can lead to permanent opacity in the cornea and should be treated urgently.

  8. Endophthalmitis

    Endophthalmitis is a severe inflammation in the eyes caused by an infection. Exogenous endophthalmitis occurs due to an external source like post trauma, post surgery. Endogenous endophthalmitis occurs when infection from another part of the body travels to the eyes. It can cause permanent vision loss and hence needs urgent treatment.

Home Remedies of Eye Pain

The most common home treatments for eye pain include:

  • Allow your eyes to rest and avoid computers, mobile, and TV screens.
  • Blink frequently while using mobile and laptop screens for long time.
  • If you wear contact lenses, then wear glasses for some time to allow your cornea to heal.
  • People with blepharitis or a stye may apply warm compress on their eyes to clear the clogged oil gland or hair follicles.
  • Flush your eye with water or a saline solution to wash out any foreign irritants.
  • Wear protective eyewear while doing outdoor activities to prevent entry of any foreign body in the eye.


How do you get rid of eye pain naturally?

Natural remedies like a cold compress, lubricating eye drops, washing eyes with water or saline solution, and avoiding TV, computer, and mobile screens can relieve eye pain. Also, a warm compress can relieve a painful stye.

How do you know if eye pain is serious?

Some conditions causing eye pain may cause serious problems if they aren’t treated. If you start experiencing eye pain that isn’t caused by something like an eyelash or minor trauma in the eye, immediately contact your eye doctor for treatment. Also if eye pain is associated with decrease in vision, redness, swelling you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist.

Is eye pain a sign of stroke?

Generally, eye pain isn’t considered to indicate a stroke. But involuntary eye movements, blurry vision, trouble with eyesight in one or both eyes, vision changes, muscle stiffness, and loss of sensation in a body part indicates a stroke. Gray spots in vision, feeling pressure or pain in the eye, blurry vision, or complete loss of vision could mean an eye stroke.

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