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Macular Hole: What Should You Know About It's Treatment and Symptoms

Macular Hole: What Should You Know About It's Treatment and Symptoms

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There are various eye conditions that a person may suffer from in this time and age, and a macular hole is one such condition. It is a very rare kind of eye disease that occurs in the macula that is responsible for differentiating fine details, perceiving facial structure, reading printed materials, etc. Read on to learn about this disease and how to take precautions against it.

What is a Macular Hole?

A macular hole is a rare eye condition in which your eye develops a tiny hole at the center of the retina. The central part of the retina gives us the sharpest vision, and hence if there is a hole, you will get wavy or blurred vision. The central part of the retina is known as the macula, which is made of nerve cells that gives you the finer details of vision.

If you develop a macular hole, you might not need any treatment right away if you have mild symptoms. However, if it gets bigger, it can cause vision loss, and hence an eye specialist might suggest macular hole surgery.

Various Stages of Macular Hole

The macular hole has three stages. They are as follows:

  • Stage One: The foveal detachments
  • Stage Two: Partial-thickness holes
  • Stage Three: The full-thickness holes

Macular hole surgery is extremely effective in treating the disease.

What are the macular hole symptoms?

If you have good vision in one eye, you might not notice the macular hole in the other eye. Usually, the symptoms appear rather slowly. Often the first thing that you might notice is blurriness or waviness in your straight vision. It might become difficult to carry on with regular tasks like reading or writing. Next, you may notice a small black patch in the center of your vision.

What Causes a Macular Hole?

It is not yet known why a macular hole develops. However, it can be because of the changes in your eyes at an older age. This occurs due to vitreous detachment, a process where the vitreous (the get-like fluid filling your eyes) shrinks and pulls away from the retina. It is seen that macular hole develops mostly in females and at an elderly age.

Can Macular Hole Be Prevented?

Since there is no obvious reason behind what causes a macular hole, there is no prevention either. It mostly develops spontaneously; hence, a regular eye checkup is the only way to know whether you have been affected by a macular hole or not.

Macular Hole Treatment Options

Macular hole surgery, also known as vitrectomy, is one of the best choices to fix the macular hole and can prevent vision loss. The process of vitrectomy involves the removal of the vitreous and other tissues from the macula of the eye. The eye surgeon will then inject a gaseous bubble which acts like a temporary bandage that fixes the edges of the macular hole together.

Once the surgery is over, you have to restrict your movements and other activities for a few weeks so that the macular hole can heal. You have to ensure that the pressure of your eyes remains constant until the gas bubble disappears.

A macular hole is a rare eye disease. However, it can affect anyone over the age of 55. The best way to treat it is to get eye surgery done. Only a good and reputed eye surgeon will be able to tell you whether you have developed a macular hole in your eyes.

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