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Why Is an Eye Test Very Important?

Why Is an Eye Test Very Important?

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Eye examinations are extremely important; it is not just about keeping blurry vision at bay. Regular eye examinations can also help detect other problems such as macular degeneration, age-related vision problems, and much more.

Also, regular vision tests can help prevent you from falling down frequently; furthermore, having healthy eyes with 20/20 vision helps you enjoy life a bit more. If you haven’t had an eye test till now, you should search for an eye checkup near me and get an examination done. 

What Are Eye Tests?

An eye exam is designed to assess your eyesight and screen for vision problems. Your eye doctor will probably use various tools, from flashing lights into your eyes to requesting you to glance through a variety of lenses. 

Bear in mind that each of these vision tests is aimed at evaluating different aspects of your vision and looking out for any issues you may have. 

Why Are Eye Tests So Important?

The answer is very simple, to detect eye problems in their earliest stage as that’s when they’re easily curable. Any delay may result in the extension of recovery time; this is why regular eye tests are so important. By having regular vision tests, you can detect and overcome eye problems easily and effectively. 

Also, do not mistake vision screening for an eye test; vision screening is done for individuals with an eye problem, and an eye test is done to determine if there are any problems with your eye. 

What Are The Risks Associated With Not Having Regular Eye Tests?

The eyes can indicate other bodily problems; for example, there are types of Arthritis that can be detected with eye tests. Not only that, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, and many more ailments can be detected via regular vision tests and eye pressure tests.

How Often Should You Visit Your Eye Doctor?

Typically, you should get an eye checkup done once in two years, but you can also get an eye checkup depending on your age. 

  • Kids - once in 2 years or once in 1 year
  • 20 - 39 yrs - Once in 5 years
  • 40 - 54 yrs - Once in 2 - 4 years
  • 55 - 64 yrs - Once in 3 years
  • 65 and above - Once a year or once in 2 years

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Do’s and Don’ts Before an Eye Test


  • Wear sunglasses
  • Hydrate yourself
  • Inform your eye doctor if you have any concerns
  • If you’re under any medication, make a list and inform your eye doctor. 


  • Don’t strain your eyes
  • Don’t have a lot of caffeine
  • Don’t wear your contact for your vision test


We all know how important the health of the eyes is, and to preserve the same, we must get eye checkups done regularly. For either small or big eye concerns, it is suggested that you visit a trusted ophthalmologist to get the right diagnosis and treatment.

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