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The pediatric neuro-ophthalmologists at Netralayam are committed to providing the best eye care services to their patients. The team comprises highly qualified medical professionals who aim to provide the highest standards of patient care. Our skilled ophthalmologists at Netralayam are continuously updating their skills and are dedicated to treating their patients in a comfortable environment. If you search for “children’s neuro-ophthalmologist near me” or “pediatric neuro-ophthalmologist near me”, Netralayam is among the preferred eye care centers in Kolkata.

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It is a field that combines neurology and ophthalmology. It basically deals with diseases related to the nervous system that affects an individual’s vision, control or movement of eyes, or pupil abnormalities. Our services include treating various nerve disorders like raised pressure in the eye (glaucoma), inflammation, eye injury, etc.

Optical Shop

Whether you spend hours indoors or outdoors and irrespective of your line of work, at Netralayam, prioritize your vision with our specially designed eyeglasses to help you deal with various vision issues. Our collection comprises the most advanced, comfortable, and affordable eyewear customized for your individual needs. The trained professionals at our optical shop can help you choose your eyewear based on your medical condition and preferences and address your concerns, if any.


Our medical team working in the pharmacy has an excellent knowledge of medicines, their functionalities, uses, and their side effects, if any. We compound and dispense all the necessary medication prescribed to treat every individual.

Reasons to Visit a Neuro Ophthalmologist

Your kids can visit a neuro-ophthalmologist, or they can be referred to one if they are suffering from the following disorders:

In case your child is suffering from vision issues, please visit Netralayam Eye Care Centre in Mukundapur, Kolkata. If you are searching the web for “the best neurological ophthalmologists near me” or “preferred ophthalmologist neurologist near me”, we provide the highest quality eye care services to our patients.


What does a neuro-ophthalmologist do?

A neuro-ophthalmologist is focused on treating various neurological problems related to the eye.

Do neuro-ophthalmologists perform surgeries?

While most conditions can be treated with medications, the neuro-ophthalmologists may perform surgery in other adverse situations. These include adult strabismus, Botox injections for blepharospasm or hemifacial spasm, etc.

What is the difference between a neuro-ophthalmologist and a neuro optometrist?

A neuro optometrist is trained to diagnose and treat neurological conditions that negatively impact the visual system. They treat visual, perceptual, and motor disorders. In contrast, a neuro-ophthalmologist sub-specializes in neurology and ophthalmology and treats visual conditions caused due to brain diseases.

Can neurological problems cause vision problems?

Some neurological disorders can involve malfunction of the eyelids and muscles that control eye movement. They may also affect the optic nerve leading to partial or full vision loss.

What part of the brain controls the optic nerve?

Occipital lobes control the optic nerve.

Can damage to the optic nerve be repaired?

It is irreversible because the optic nerve comprises nerve fibers that do not have the capability to heal and regenerate.

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