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Dr. Partha Biswas

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Dr. Partha Biswas

Medical Retina, Cataract,Lasik

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Dr. Partha Biswas is a renowned Ophthalmologist with 33 years of experience. He is currently Medical Director at Netralayam and Trenetralaya, Kolkata.

He holds an MBBS, MS degree and is a current fellow of Ophthalmology at Sankara Nethralaya. He has also done a fellowship Program with SNEC- Singapore previously.

Dr. Biswas is also associated with the All India Ophthalmological Society (AIOS) as Vice President. His journey with AIOS started in 2008 when he joined as a member of the scientific committee. Later, he was appointed Chairman of the Academic & Research Committee in 2014, where he served for two consecutive terms (2014-17 to 2017-20). Later in 2020, he was appointed as the chairman of the Scientific Committee and has represented AIOS.

Since then, he has represented AIOS at many All-India Ophthalmological Conferences in Mumbai, Kochi, and Patna.

Dr. Biswas has recently been appointed Vice President of the All India Ophthalmological Society.

Over the years, he has received many awards for his exemplary work in Ophthalmology, including six gold medals and 3 International Video Awards from Singapore and Amsterdam authorities in 2013.

Dr. Biswas has made immense contributions to strengthen the study of ophthalmology for generations of doctors. He has run around 157 programs all over India, of which 61 Programs are on Cataract and Glaucoma Symposium, 28 programs on Battling Retinal Disorders by Comprehensive Ophthalmologists, 24 programs on Crusade Against Diabetic Blindness, 22 programs on Teachers in Ophthalmology, 17 programs for Combat Eye Infection.

Dr. Biswas practices evidence-based medicine and majorly contributes to various journals and publications. He has four journals and three publications on topics related to ophthalmology under his name. He has even participated in 16 International and 257 national live workshops on ocular surgery.

Dr. Biswas has a keen interest in advancing the science of ophthalmology. Therefore, he keeps participating in different teaching programs. To date, he has participated in 158 paper presentations and 734 conferences and received many awards.

He is said to be the pioneer in Refractive Surgery in Eastern India for the last two decades and the first to introduce SMILE Technology in Eastern India.

Dr. Biswas is a much-appreciated doctor because of his illustrious career, vast academic background, and strong clinical skills from which patients benefit.

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