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Who Should Not Have LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

Who Should Not Have LASIK Laser Eye Surgery?

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Thinking of going through LASIK eye surgery? Let's understand it first! While LASIK surgery offers effective vision correction for many, it's not suitable for everyone. Despite its popularity with over 40 million procedures worldwide, certain limitations and risks exist that may make LASIK unsuitable for some individuals. Let's explore who should avoid LASIK to better understand its potential risks and limitations.

How and Why is Someone Unsuitable for LASIK?

Following are some factors/reasons  which influence LASIK and can be considered before it to avoid LASIK risks.

  • Age: In general, LASIK is not suggested for individuals under 18 years of age. Up to this tender age, eyes are still in their growth stage during adolescence, and their spectacle power may continue to change over time. The eyes must reach stability before considering LASIK surgery.
  • Vision Instability:  Due to various health alterations like pregnancy, hormonal changes, or specific medications, the vision of individuals may fluctuate. As mentioned above, these concerns can make someone unsuitable for LASIK laser eye surgery. Stable vision is very much crucial for the success of the process, as unstable corneas are likely to hinder the spot-on correctness of vision as LASIK surgery fixes the current vision; if there is an alteration in vision, then a person went through LASIK, it may deteriorate the vision permanently instead of repairing.
  • Eye Health: The issues related to the eyes that already exist, such as dry eye syndrome, recurrent corneal infections, cataracts, glaucoma, etc., can put LASIK surgery at high risk. These conditions may pose difficulty in healing or create vision alteration post-LASIK.
  • Not Meeting the Criteria for a Safe Lasik Procedure: Various parameters of the cornea are studied before the procedure. Sometimes, Lasik procedures may not be safe due to thin cornea or a cornea with a risk of ectasia in the future. Sometimes, the power may exceed the permissible limit for a safe Lasik procedure. In these cases, the patient is given another option for refractive surgery - which is an implantable collamer lens (ICL), provided that it is safe for the patient.
  • Overall Health: People suffering from health conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and other chronic health problems must refrain from LASIK, as it involves creating a flap in the cornea, and proper wound healing is essential for successful outcomes. The aforementioned health ailments hamper the wound healing of freshly operated corneas, which leads to further vision-related complications.
  • Lifestyle Factors: Factors of lifestyle play a very imperative role in actuating the suitability and success of LASIK surgery. High-contact sports, certain occupations that involve exposure to hazardous environments or activities like-
    • swimming
    • scuba diving
    • skiing
    • smoking or alcohol consumption,
    • excess screen time and digital device use may expose the eyes to injuries, stain and fatigue
    These make it utmost unfit for LASIK eye surgery.
  • Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: LASIK eye surgery during pregnancy or breastfeeding is generally not recommended for several reasons, such as-
    • Hormonal Changes,
    • Corneal Shape Alterations,
    • Potential Risks to the developing foetus or Infant,
    • Medications used during and after LASIK surgery, such as topical antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drops.
    These may not be safe for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals.

In a Nutshell

LASIK surgery has numerous benefits in terms of improved vision and convenience. On the other hand, it has its own risks and limitations, as mentioned in previous points. Consulting with an experienced eye doctor is paramount to determine whether LASIK is the right option for you based on your specific circumstances and health status. It is very viable to seek professional guidance in order to make informed decisions for the well-being of your vision.

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