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Best Ways to Clean Your Eyes to Keep Them Safe

Best Ways to Clean Your Eyes to Keep Them Safe

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In your daily life, you may experience various particles getting into your eyes. Blinking cleans the eyes naturally by removing dust or dirt from your eyes. However, if something accidentally enters your eye and leads to discomfort and pain, you must know the best way to clean the eye without causing any harm. This will help keep your eyes safe from further damage.

Read on to learn more about the importance of cleaning your eyes and how to do it.

Importance of Cleaning Your Eyes Properly

There are two instances when it becomes important that you must clean your eyes properly:

When a foreign particle or a liquid enters your eyes

Dust particles are the most common cause of discomfort to the eye. The best way to get the dirt out of the eye is through thorough rinsing with water. However, besides discomfort, they do not pose any danger to the eye, but if a glass, wood, or metal splinter gets embedded in your eye, you need to flush it out after continuous rinsing with water. If that does not work or you experience pain or swelling in eyes, you must visit an emergency eye hospital immediately.

If a liquid chemical like bleach, fertilizer, dishwashing liquid, etc., splashes into your eyes, you must instantly wash your eyes constantly for 10-15 minutes with the head aslant on one side, preferably so that the liquid drains out easily. Medical intervention may be required if you do not get relief. Taking the chemical container with you may help the doctor at the eye care hospital for faster treatment.

An eye infection

When you suffer from inflammation of the eye due to infections such as conjunctivitis, pink eye, or any bacterial infection, it may result in a discharge of mucus or pus that forms a crust over the eye. In this case, you must carefully swab the area with cotton dipped in warm water to clean the affected area.

Effects of Cleaning Your Eyes Properly

When something accidentally enters your eye, it mostly comes in contact with the cornea or the conjunctiva. Both are protective films over the retina and the white portion of the eye, thus protecting them from grievous injuries.
In most cases, flushing the eye with a thorough rinsing of water is the most effective solution that provides instantaneous relief. If conditions like discomfort and pain, swelling, blurred vision, or sensitivity to bright lights persist, you must contact an eye doctor at the earliest to prevent further complications.

Dos & Don’ts of Proper Way of Cleaning Your Eyes

Things to do:

  • Rinse well or immerse the affected eye in water
  • Blink your eyes to let tears wash out the particles
  • Wash your hands and gently move the eyelids to dislodge the particle
  • Dab with cotton or clean cloth

Things to avoid:

  • Rub the eyes with pressure
  • Try to take out the object forcibly from the eye
  • Self-medication
  • Putting on contact lenses

Proper Eye Care Tips

Our  team of eye specialists at Netralayam suggests the following eye care tips:

  • Regular eye check-ups
  • Healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Wear UV-protected sunglasses

Netralayam Is Your Solution for Clean Eyes

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