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Eye Health Issues During Summer and How to Prevent Them

Eye Health Issues During Summer and How to Prevent Them

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During the months of summer, many people tend to focus on enjoying the warm weather while planning vacations and other fun events with their families. However, the summer season can affect your eye health, which can cause hindrance in such plans. Many eye issues are common and can be easily prevented or treated accordingly.

Read on to learn more about eye health issues and how to prevent them in this blog.

Eye Health Conditions During the Summer

You might suffer from various eye conditions during summer, and you may need to visit an eye hospital near you. Here are some of the eye problems that you may suffer from during summer.

  • Dry Eye

Fans, air conditioning, and high temperatures during summer can increase the chances of the development of the dry eye. The lack of humidity can also be an added factor in increasing the risk of experiencing dry eye. For many people, this condition can be slightly uncomfortable. A person may experience a stinging or gritty sensation as well as experience sensitivity to light, red-eye, and more.

  • Tired Eyes

A person may experience more eye tiredness than usual if the summer months turn out to be very busy for them. In most cases, enjoying this season can mean missing out on sufficient sleep. This can leave the eyes looking tired or fatigued.

  • Infection

A person may participate in various activities, such as swimming in an untreated public pool, increasing the chances of developing eye infections during summer. Such dirty water bodies may contain a range of bacteria that can cause damage to the eyes.

  • Allergies

Many people assume that eye allergies are a major issue only during the spring season. Unfortunately, they’re still prevalent in summer. Certain seeds, mold types, and plant pollens are more common later into the summer months. Such eye allergies can be extremely uncomfortable. The symptoms may include a burning sensation, itchiness, and dryness.

Various Ways to Protect Your Eyes in the Summer

Follow these tips for proper eye care during summer to maintain good vision:

  • Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes and Wash Your Hands Regularly

One of the best ways to protect your eyes from various eye health issues is to simply wash your hands properly on a regular basis. Even after an eye surgery such as LASIK and cataract surgery in a good eye care hospital or an emergency eye hospital, the eyes become more susceptible to infection. It is highly suggested that the hands should be washed thoroughly before applying any treatment to the eyes and avoid rubbing them as much as possible.

  • Use Swimming Goggles at the Pool

The chlorine that is present in the pool is designed to protect the body from exposure to germs. But it can hurt your eyes. The best solution for this is to wear goggles whenever visiting the pool or other water bodies like the ocean, as they also contain contaminants that may damage the eyes.

  • Use Hats

Wearing sunglasses every time you go outside doesn’t necessarily offer full protection to the eyes, as sunglasses usually have gaps along the sides through which UVR exposure can occur easily. Wear a hat with at least a 3 inches wide brim to minimize the risk of eye damage.

  • Stay Hydrated and Eat Healthily

In many cases, people are prone to become dehydrated during summer. This can have a serious effect on the eyes as dehydration can make it difficult to produce tears which can lead to dry eye symptoms and other issues. Drink plenty of fluids every day for better eye health. Furthermore, eat a healthy diet that is rich in nutrients like vitamin C that improve eyesight and prevent the development of various vision problems.

  • Use Eye Drops

If you suffer from allergies or infections that make your eyes excessively dry, you may benefit from using eye drops after consulting with an ophthalmologist. These drops are proven to be effective in minimizing pain as well as other symptoms.

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You can always take some easy and effective steps to manage and prevent symptoms of various eye health issues during summer.

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