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Easy Tips to Choose the Right Ophthalmologist for Your Eyes

Easy Tips to Choose the Right Ophthalmologist for Your Eyes

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The eyes are the most important sense organs. Any problem related to the eyes or even the expected process of aging can affect a person’s vision as well as the quality of life. To maintain good eyesight and minimize the chances of having permanent vision loss due to severe eye conditions, you should visit a good eye care hospital.

Who is an ophthalmologist/eye specialist?

Eye specialists or ophthalmologists are eye doctors who specialize in the surgical and medical care of the eyes and visual system. The state regulatory board licenses them to diagnose, treat, and manage conditions that affect the eye and visual system. Furthermore, an eye specialist who is an osteopath will provide treatment based on the assumption that treating the affected parts of the visual system using diet, medicines, surgery combined with suitable therapies will help treat the underlying eye problem.

How to choose the right eye specialist near you?

It can be a challenging task to find the right eye specialist. But you can do so by considering certain important factors like:

  • Referrals

Many people visit eye doctors regularly. You can ask your family members or friends for the best referrals. You can even talk to your family physician or your optometrist to get a referral list. Keep in mind that many eye specialists specialize in treating glaucoma, cataract, and retinal diseases like diabetic retinopathy.

  • Qualifications

An ophthalmologist should have a postgraduate qualification in ophthalmology and should generally be a senior residency or fellowship in their area of sub-specialization. They also should be well-qualified to examine, diagnose and perform eye surgery to treat serious eye conditions. Hence, you should ensure that the eye doctor has adequate training to diagnose and treat eye problems. Also, make sure that the ophthalmologist doesn’t have a history of malpractice or disciplinary actions against him/her.

  • Experience

The credentials are not the only crucial factor. The experience of the eye specialist also matters. The more experience your eye doctor has, the better your results will be. However, experience just doesn’t mean the number of years. Rather, it also means the number of patients treated by your eye doctor successfully through his professional years. So, make sure you do a little research on your eye specialist and find out how many patients have been treated in the past and their success rate.

  • Quality of the eye care hospital

The quality of the eye care hospital matters as it means better treatment. Reputed hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities highly qualified staff and offer the right guidance related to better treatment options, medical insurance, etc. You can also find out if the eye care hospital provides other facilities like operation theatre and diagnosis center under one roof. You can also check if it is the nearest eye hospital for an easy commute.

What are the important points that should be considered before choosing an eye specialist?

There are other important points that should be considered before visiting an eye specialist. They are as follows:

  • Gender

It is crucial to feel comfortable with your eye specialist’s gender as you will have to openly discuss personal information to get the right diagnosis and treatment. Your gender is also very important to consider when it comes to various eye diseases and conditions, as many ophthalmologists are becoming more skilled in caring for men and women differently.

  • Telehealth capabilities

Many medical professionals can diagnose and treat patients using the technology of telecommunications. This can include two-way video, email, and smartphones, and it is called telehealth. You can ask your ophthalmologist if they offer telehealth capabilities.

  • Communication style

It is very important to find a medical professional with good communication skills. You should feel comfortable talking to him/her. For instance, ask your ophthalmologist and see how he/she responds.


Choosing the best ophthalmologist can help take all the curative and preventive measures that your eyes require. Looking for the best eye care hospital near you? At Netralayam, we have highly skilled eye doctors and the best oculoplastic surgeon in all of Kolkata. Contact our medical team to know more.



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